Solidarity Saves the Day!

Unifor 567 Unit 5
2 min readJan 26, 2021


While we’re not out of the woods quite yet, we’re happy to report that our employer has entirely backed off it’s most egregious proposals. The cut to our pension and a three year wage freeze have been dropped completely!

Where a strike felt very likely just a week ago, it now feels like our employer is back to sincerely trying to reach a settlement at the bargaining table.

There’s no doubt in our minds that this quick about-face by CUPE 4600’s Bargaining Team is due to the incredible outpouring of support we received. Every retweet, post, and letter to our employer had an impact, and we’re truly grateful for the solidarity.

As just one example, this open letter by current and former members of CUPE 4600 in support of a fair deal is the absolute best and made our jaded union hearts just about burst.

A round logo with the slogan ‘Fair Deal for 5! and three raised fists.
Graphic by former CUPE 4600 member Monika Thakkar

Bargaining isn’t over yet, however, and major issues like discipline, wages, and benefits remain unresolved. We’re closer than we were, but there’s still a fair bit of distance between the two sides.

We’re back at the bargaining table three days this week, so we’ll keep you posted on major developments.

If want to support Unifor 567 Unit 5 and the fight for a fair deal, here a few small things that we’d find useful at this time:

  • If you are a current or former member of CUPE 4600, sign on to the Open Letter;
  • Stay tuned to this page or our Twitter and Fbook feeds for updates;
  • Use the above nifty graphic made by former CUPE 4600 member Monika Thakkar on your preferred social media platforms.